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28 February 2014



Last Sunday's Social Workday Lunch

Our thanks go to those who answered the call for assistance from Donna and the Cabin Crew, who were then able to prepare and serve a really good Workday lunch.

Safety Group Input Meeting

This is to remind everyone of the planned Safety Group input meeting scheduled for this Saturday at 3pm in the Clubhouse, which will be run by Bruce Cunningham. In part of a previous message from Bruce, he said:
"I am seeking broad-based input regarding the shape, scope and function of the group. You can have your say by participating in a round table deliberation at the club house on Saturday.
There is an abundance of resources available to help maintain and develop our safety/operational culture. It is really important that we get this right."

All members are welcome to come and contribute to the discussion.

Clean Up Australia

We received a message from Glenda George asking SAC members to assist with the "Clean Up Australia" campaign this Sunday, being run from the local Wedderburn fire station. Glenda says in her message:
"The Rural Fire Service always responds to any incidents at the airport and love helping you guys out with the Open Day, therefore we are asking your members to assist us with our volunteering on Sunday.
Registration is at 9am, at the Fire Shed, however there will be a member there to assist anyone who can arrive between 9am and 11.30 am. A free BBQ lunch will be offered just after 12am to all the volunteers.
Any amount of time would be greatly appreciated and even if it is only 30 minutes. All hands make light work!!!
We are also looking for a BBQ chef to assist us. Can a SAC member volunteer at 1200 please?"

As always, we encourage SAC members to assist with this annual campaign. Workday credits will be awarded to volunteers. Please let me know (0407 890 791) if you can help.


Last Sunday one of the CareFlight helicopters came to the airfield to collect our financial donation, which was raised at the recent Open Day. The cheque for $4,500 was presented by Geoff May, and was gratefully accepted by to the two visiting CareFlight pilots.


  • Safety Group Input Meeting. Saturday 1st March, 3pm, in the Clubhouse. Refer to the note above.
  • Point Cook Air Show. Saturday and Sunday, 1st & 2nd March. No flying in permitted, unfortunately.
  • AAAA Annual Fly-in. (40th Anniversary) Friday to Sunday, 28th to 30th March. Temora.
  • General Meeting. Sunday, 30th March, 2pm in the Clubhouse
  • Annual General Meeting. Sunday, 30th March 2014, immediately following the GM
  • NATFLY. Thursday to Sunday, April 17 to 20. Temora.
  • April's Social Workday. Saturday, 3rd May (rescheduled due to Easter and Anzac Day). Sign in by 0900. Free lunch for members.
  • Wings Over Illawarra. Sunday, 4th May, at Wollongong Airport. More details later.

Check the members Adverts Page for latest items wanted and for sale.

David Rittie

14 February 2014
The February - March 2014 edition of the SAC newsletter.
28 February 2014
28 February 2014
2014 workday credits so far – list of workday credits for 2014 (YTD) (Requires members access).

Become a member of the NSW Sports Aircraft Club Inc. and enjoy the general experience of belonging to a club dedicated to the private ownership of aircraft and to the comradeship of the aviation fraternity. Wedderburn was founded as an inexpensive venue for members to fly, house their aircraft and fraternize with aviation minded people. And it continues to adhere to those principals today. So ideally it is the Flying Club there for your pleasure---- not simply a place to park your aircraft. Joining information can be found here.

From this:
View from finals 17 g2_itemId=365

To this:
View from 3500' overhead g2_itemId=2324

We are situated approximately 20 km south of Campbelltown.
LEFT at WOODLAND ROAD (to St Helen's Park)
CONTINUE (keep right past the old tip) onto WEDDERBURN ROAD. (This takes you through the Georges River gorge).
Continue until the airfield gate (about 5 km).